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Summer Hoops July recap

Summer Hoops 2017

Summer Hoops July recap

What an AMAZING couple weeks of top notch basketball. Summer Hoops so far has had multiple close games which we will go through in this recap.


Week 1:

Game 1: Sunset vs Thunderbird

Game 2: Marpole vs Mt pleasant / Hillcrest

Game 3: Strathcona vs Maywood


We had some competitive games on week one and some chemistry growth being that it is the first game of the season. Lot's of talent has shown up this season as we have seen some sharp shooters hitting threes from 2 feet behind the 3 point line. We saw some strong slashers and some crisp passing. But what is most important that we are witnessing is the teamwork and leadership skills to help one another grow and develop.


Week 2:


Game 1: Sunset vs Marpole

Game 2Strathcona vs Collingwood

Game 3: Maywood vs Mt pleasant / Hillcrest

Sunset vs Marpole started off the week with a great game of high-level offense. Sunset has really proven to be offensively talented and is talented in transition basketball. Marpole with the strong grit and determination pushed through adversity to defend a larger sized team. Overall the game was competitive and highly entertaining. Week 2 really proved that the new generation of players is highly skilled in shooting the ball. Three after three, layup after layup, tough shots and tough layups. It only brings optimism that the players are developing to be top notch players that could possibly play college.


So what can we conclude so far going into week 3?

High-level offense and fast transition basketball! But what was most important in what we saw was team work and unity. At the end of the day we are all playing under one family branch and to see opposing teams help each other up, high-five each other, laugh, and enjoy our weekends just really shows the appreciation of what Summer Hoops can bring to all!

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